CAMMY Awards

CAMMY AWARDS is the biggest and prestigious annual netizens choice awards with its powerful network to release poll from Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. With its multiple categories, approximately 50+ with its network from the 3 divisions of showbiz, on TV, on Movie and Music. And to give more twist another division is added which is the Artist division, which includes more polls. The CAMMY AWARDS is named from the root word "CAM" which means on camera, anything that appears on CAMERA is readily recognizable, from the artists, actors, hosts, models, the production, management and the whole network. That made CAMMY's the biggest poll ever in the net.

The 1st CAMMY AWARDS will be launched this 2013, having the division of the whole year, first quarter of the year will be about MOVIE AWARDS, while second quarter of the year will be featuring the MUSIC AWARDS, third quarter will includes ARTIST AWARDS and on the fourth quarter will be TV AWARDS.

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